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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

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Poodle Owners - please share your puppy buying experiences with us with our new visitors! The Testimonial Section of the website allows you to upload your Feedback directly onto the website, but does not allow photos.

Got photos to share? The Feedback Section allows for both photos and longer emails/letters - but you need to email them to me first, for me to upload onto the website for you. 

Visitors be sure to visit both pages to see what our Puppy Owners have to say and see pics of the poodle kids at their new homes...

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  • "It has been 2 years since Sassy flew into our life.(Quite literally flew to Boston). She is the sweetest and smartest little peek a poo that we have had! We love our little, bla..."
    Sandy Stevens
    Loving Sassy
  • "Sabine , Its been two yrs since I got Joey (male white toy) from you and he is simply fabulous. He loves grooming ; his eyes have never stained and he continues to be a wonder..."
    Tanna Hutton
    2 yrs of wonderful !


How much deposit is required to reserve a pup?

Deposit is usually 50% of the purchase price and are generally not refundable unless something is wrong with the pup. Please go to the Deposit Page to have a look at a sample contract and to familiarize yourself with it before reserving a pup!

There is a pup on your website that says "Pending". What does that mean - is it sold?

Pups listings that say "Pending" or "On Hold" usually have either a deposit in the mail [snail mail] and I will need to make time allowance for that payment to reach me, or I have a definite pick-up scheduled within the next few days without a deposit. About 90% of the time, that pup will be reserved or sold within a few days, but every once in a while there will be a no-show or cancellation. Feel free to ask or request an update on this pup to double check on availability. Pups that say "Reserved" have a deposit received and are no longer available - and no - I won't sell a pup that has a deposit to another person, even if you offer me extra money for it.

Do you take checks?

Sorry no more personal or bank checks. Cash only at time of pick-up for the remainder of your balance or the full purchase price for a pup ready to go. Deposits and Installment Payments may be made via Paypal, Mobile Phone Paypal, US Postal Money Orders, NetSpend and Only1 Reload Packs, as well as Moneygram [Walmart] or Western Union. For more detailed info on payments, pls go to the Payment Page.

Can I make several smaller payments instead of one or two big ones?

Payment Plans are generally available on pups under 5 weeks of age - the amounts and frequency of payments depend on the purchase price and the age of the pup. If you want to do this, the sooner you reserve your pup, the more time you will have for smaller installments! If you need more time than that, ask me about upcoming or planned litters - I can give you an idea when we have new babies and you can make as many small payments in advance that you are comfortable with, and then choose from a new litter once they arrive.

Pick-Up, Delivery or Meeting, Shipping.

Use this zipcode to pull up directions to Lyons GA, just outside of Vidalia [30436]. If you are majorly from out of the area or out of state and are driving to pick up, I will gladly offer as usual to meet you along the I 16, I 95 or I 75 corridor = halfways or oneway up to 100 miles for me. I need you to work with me on scheduling though, as I work most weekends. During the week is always easier for me, as I can set my own schedule then. I have an entire page devoted to this information - please click here for more info!

Are your puppies AKC registered?

Lately I get this question quite often - so I rewrote that section on my website and made a separate page for it - look for the answers here.

   Presenting your Puppy to its' best Advantage!


 Let's face it - puppies being puppies - potty training accidents, getting into stuff they are not supposed to, eating canned food or getting goo-ed up with nutrical, etc etc often cause our furbabies to be anything but appealing, cuddly, or making you want to pick them up to smooch. A pup that reeks of pee or has poop stuck on its' behind; canned food caked all over the face, hair matts, weeds, twigs and worse clumped onto the coat - is just not all that appealing.


This page is dedicated to helping you keep your puppy clean, neat and presentable and a joy to pick up and cuddle. It will also help you to select proper grooming tools to preserve the coat quality, and help teach the puppy to enjoy brushing, grooming, and being handled by you. A side benefit: your future groomer will thank you for this!!!

All items on this list are either products I use or would use myself - I would not recommend anything else, or are [in case of tools] similar to the ones I currently use. I use high-end grooming tools for longevity and quality turn-out, due to mine getting a lot of useage. For one or two pet poodle or poodle hybrid puppies - you will want to get similar style tools, but need not spend top dollar for it - there is no need for you to spend $35 for a comb or $55 for brushes, LOL.

Don't skimp on quality in shampoos though - top quality natural ingredients and gentle processing do make a huge difference in the end product, which reflects on the coat you have after the bath - especially if you are a "frequent bather"! I always get compliments on my pups - both on the coat quality and the clean feel and fragrance, and more often than not, I have my new owners email or call me back after a few days and ask for the product line I am using...


I want you to look at my puppy photos on this page -  you do not get shine, gloss and clean curl seperation without getting a cottony texture like these pups, without a good quality shampoo!


                  Shampoos & Conditioners


I am sorry to say, that I used to be one of those folks that used people shampoos for my furkids, LOL. I never thought that a top quality dog shampoo would be better than a decent grade people shampoo. Well - I was wrong! Decent dog shampoos are on the same level with better grade ppl shampoos - and oh my gosh! Top quality dog shampoos are so much better than the best ppl shampoos I have ever bought for myself - and yes, you probably guessed it. I would rather use a good dog shampoo for myself now than a ppl shampoo, LOL...

And using a baby shampoo - after all these are supposed to be the mildest and gentlest of them all??? Well after the skandal of cancer causing ingredients in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos [after all that is the "go-to" name for baby supplies, right?] - I won't recommend that no more either...

If you have missed the recent J&J recalls, and outings about their cancer causing agents in their baby shampoos - do yourself a favor and google that! There are a few links here, here and here - but just off the top of the page - there are hundreds of articles about this online!

My alltime favorite shampoos are Espree and TropiClean Shampoos and Conditioners! And I am fast becoming hooked on Quadruped Pet Care items [still in the trial phase here]. They are perfect for poodle and -poo coats and give good curlz, manageability, shine and volume without being sticky and heavy. The fragrance of some of them is awsome too and there are matching colognes if you like to refresh your pup every once in a while!






                                Brushes + Comb


 I hate to tell you this - but yes, you will need some of these, LOL.

While poodles are considered to be non-shedding, and a lot of the poodle hybrid varieties are too - they still have hair that comes out and needs to be removed in order to avoid matting.

When dogs are referred to as non-shedding, that simply means the dead hair remains in the coat until brushed out, not that they will never shed hair or coat.

Regular brushing with the correct type of brush will keep your pups' coat looking good, and avoids heavy tangling and matt build up between trips to the groomer. With most shorter convenience clips, you can get by with brushing once or twice a week, but it is definitely a must after a bath, wether you let the pup dry naturally or blow dry. Brushing stimulates the skin and hair glands, and is also a super way of establishing a loving bond between you and your pup, and also defines your dominance status - the most important training tool in teaching your pup its place in your home and family. Never mind the fact that your pup needs advance training for going to a groomer and this will teach it to be handled.

I recommend a soft slicker brush plus a pin brush for normal routine maintenance on a short[er] clip. In addition to the brushes, you should also get a metal comb, to remove matts and make sure that you get through down to the skin.









                      Nail Clippers & Scissors


While your poodle is still a puppy, you can use regular nail clippers for people. As it grows and the nails become thicker and tougher, you will want to invest in a professional dog nail clipper. Below I'll sample a few of the types I like to use - they are really fool proof and you will need to force the cutter up the toe nail, in order to hurt the dog. Get your pup used to getting its paws and nails handled regularly - right from the getgo - they are used to this here when they go home with you. Don't let them play you and tell you otherwise... You should check nails every 2 weeks and trim as needed, and definitely make it part of the bath routine.

Scissors - you will not need to invest in grooming scissors [shudder - at $100-200 for a good pair], as you will most likely send your pup to a pro for grooming. You should however have a small pair of ball tipped scissors to trim hair around the eyes [helps preventing tear stains] and the hair in the paw pads.










Available Puppies

Puppy Prep - Getting Ready for your new Puppy!

Basic Shopping List

Dog Food; High Calorie Supplements; Bowls; Feeders + Water Bottles; Harness + Leash; Chew Toys; Clothing.

Containment Systems - Living Arrangements - Safe Keeping

Playpen; Play Yard; Exercise Pen; Crates; Gates.

Companion Puppy in Public

Soft Sided Carriers; Back Packs; Car Seats; Strollers; Ooops Baggies.