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Are your Puppies AKC registered???

Lately I have been getting this question more frequently, so I thought I will give the answer a page of its own, as this info was mixed in with other info on another page here on the website...

 I have AKC, CKC, APRI and two UKC registered dogs - but I do not have a huge kennel with 50, 70 or 100+ dogs. I currently have 19 or 20 "working" poodle + poodle hybrid girls and that includes several young ladies that are due to have their first litters this year [2013/14] 

I did an assessment last year, looking at my girls and realized that nearly 65-70% of them are going to be 7+ yrs or older in 2013. It was time to bring up some replacement for them. After retiring my older ladies, we are back down to about 15 working girls, which is a good size for me to handle individually and still have time for quality  interaction with every dog and puppy, every day.

To allow for the best [and proven] parenting combinations, for optimum personality, soundness and looks - I've decided to go CKC on all of our pups several years ago. That helps avoid inbreeding or getting too large [number of dogs on premises] by having to have too many adults in order to have a proper gene pool to choose from in any one registry.

And I simply positively refuse to start over with "pure" AKC stock, just to meet some of the inquiries for AKC puppies we get every year.

What you see on my website is the proven end result of 15+ years of dedicated breeding, and I will not discount this and start over, because  we get more AKC puppy requests lately. While several of our pups technically could be AKC registered, I have no interest in being a show breeder, joining the show circuit or competing with our dogs, I stay busy enough without that, LOL.

That said - I am aware of several of our dogs placing well in agility competitions, and we have some in the professional creative groomer  circuit as well [we have quite a following in the groomer community and I place at least one or two pups each year with groomers that compete in creative grooming classes or simply want a beautiful poodle "show piece" for their salons.

So can your CKC Poodles be AKC registered???

Yes some [though not all] technically could be AKC'd, but I am not going to.


Because I breed for loving pet companions and not for other breeders or the show circuit, although for honesty's sake - some of our pups do go to small approved breeding homes.

I breed for loving, long term, 4ever best buddies or girlfriends, that are  affectionate, sensitive and sensible, happy clowns + lovvies. I breed for the "best dog ever" potential, and I think I am getting there more often than not [at least my puppy buyers are saying that].

When I started breeding poodles in 1998, I had mostly AKC poodles [and some seriously ugly poodles some of them were]. Not with the long legs, elegant movement you see on TV or that our current poodles of today have. More along what is often referred to [tongue in cheek I'm assuming] a  "southern poodle", LOL. Weird fuzzy coats that did not grow long, short legs, chubby bodies [so they would pass as toy poodles because they were build low enough to stay under 10" but also tend to weigh 12 or 15#. I also had a few CKC poodles [long legs, great coats, really nice personalities] - but oh well, CKC registered.

Guess what I liked better??? Registry is not all that counts and it certainly does not guarantee health, soundness or personality!

To learn more about the Continental Kennel Club , click the underlined link.

AKC Registered Merle Poodles

Yes they are out there. However, that said - in 2005, almost 8 years ago when I got started with raising my first merle poodles, the only merle poodles available were either CKC or APRI registered.

It is only in the last 3 or 4 years that merle poodles have been available with AKC registered papers.

Draw your own conclusions in how this was accomplished!

These AKC papers will still not say "merle" for color, they usually use the terms parti or bi-color, which is technically not correct either, but provides a loop hole so breeders can say they have AKC merles, because that is what many folks ask for, especially if they are not aware that there are now a multitude of other All Breed and Breed Specific Registries other than AKC. 

Merle poodles cannot be shown in AKC sanctioned shows, it is not an acknowledged AKC color!!!

Our merle poodle puppies are CKC registered.

See currently available merle poodle puppies here...

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