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Seasonal Gift Ideas for Poodle Lovers

Looking for gift ideas for your Poodle Lover for the upcoming Holiday Season? Sometimes it is awfully difficult to find something suitable for a dog lover [short of buying her/him a new puppy, LOL] - and it can be twice as difficult when you are looking for a specific breed, or if you are shopping for someone who already has everything for their dog and home. Here are a few ideas to getting you started...

Deck the Halls [or at least the tree]...

Poodlish Christmas Cards

WOW! Either Paper Christmas Cards are going out of fashion [now that everybody has computers and smartphones] - or there are very few breed cards out there period. Probably a combination of both. There are more varieties available on Amazon in addition to these, but those are mostly weird looking, or singles sold at an excessive price. I picked the ones that appealed to me and were reasonably priced as well.

Hand Selected Stocking Stuffers for $15 or less -
That includes Free Shipping (or free shipping w. Amazon Prime)

A quick word about Amazon Prime - if you shop there a lot and don't have it - you ought to consider getting it. Amazon Prime gives you free shipping on most anything that comes out of the Amazon Fullfillment Centers, a huge number of free Kindle ebooks to own and free access to the Kindle library plus reduced pricing on most other kindle books. As well as unlimited music downloads and massively free movies and tv shows. Try the free 30 day trial period before you commit. I'm coming up on my 4th year renewal and I easily use up my annual fee in shipping alone in the first 2-3 months of the year. In the last 3 years or so I downloaded about 800+ free kindle books [about a $3000-3500+ value, watched many movies for free and listened/downloaded to a heck of a lot of royalty free music - I cannot even put a dollar value on all of it. Try it! They have a 30 day free trial period. Don't like it - just cancel.

Here is the link if you want to give it a go:

Gifts for Poodle Dads :o)

I knew that one was going to be a toughie! Guys are notoriously hard to shop for, and finding something poodlish that isn't too feminine can be a doozy! Found something anyways - what do you think? Will these do??? I adore the silver cuff links [actually both sets of cuff links shown]! And that black leather key chain is soo bleeping comical - I want one for myself! And the golf club cover had me laugh so loud, all of my sleeping dogs here in my office woke up and looked at me, LOL.

Personalize with his Name!

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Gifts for Poodle Moms - sure to please the lady that already has everything :0)

I'm sure you will find something here in this section for your poodle loving mom, MIL, sister, daughter or DIL, bestie or anybody else [including yourself] that is on your gift list this holiday season, or at least get you started with ideas to search for. Be sure to check this page too - there are more ideas listed there. Looking for some poodle themed jewelry?

If you decide to shop on Amazon - I would appreciate if you would use one of our Amazon links to access their website to do so. We get small royalties when you buy [about 4-6c for each dollar you spend - and your prices do not change by using our portals]. These small revenues pay for this website's upkeep and allow me to buy extra toys for our furkids [we go through bunches of them here every year, LOL.

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