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Personalized & Hands-On Delivery Service
via my Private Puppy Nanny!

Summer 2017 Update! Read this first!!!

For whatever reason some folks interpret the TLC Hand Delivery via Puppy Nanny as delivery to your actual house. This is not so - you will still need to pick up your pup at the designated airport closest to your location!!!

Obviously at this low delivery price [actually less than shipping via cargo!!!] that does not allow for a rental car, more time on the road and a potential overnight stay for the nanny, before she can catch another flight back home. So please be realistic in your expectations here - we are all humans here and while we all do our best in bending backwards to make things happening for you - there is only so much we can do!!!

Why does it cost so much less???

Wendy is my private puppy nanny and her schedule allows her to travel pretty much anywhere in the USA where AA flies to. She has the time and experience to fly stand by, and this is the reason we can offer you individualized shipping in the cabin, rather than inside the cargo hold and the opportunity to comfort & soothe the pup, provide food and water as needed, as well as lots of hands on care. 

What's different from my normal shipping routine???

Using my puppy nanny allows us to ship tiny puppies at an earlier age than usual [it is still going to be at a minimum 8-9 weeks old], but allows for teacups and tinies to go home when they are weaned and ready, rather than having to wait until they are big enough [weight and maturity level] to handle the travel stress by themselves. For extra tinies and wee bitty puppies that can be as much as a month or two difference that the pup can go home to you sooner, than waiting until a certain body weight has been reached.

By-passing Weather Restrictions during the Hot Summer Months

Using a puppy nanny allows me to ship year round to any location AA flies to. As the pup is not traveling by itself in cargo but is hand carried and in the cabin with Wendy, we are not limited to airports that participate in Delta's summer programs [which includes Savannah where I ship out of when I use Delta]. That means folks in  Florida, Texas,  Arizona & New Mexico, as well as southern Californa can get puppies during the summer months, where I normally cannot ship to when the temps are above 85* F.

Additional Airport Locations Available...

Accessing Airports that are difficult to reach due to needing multiple connections required, that put travel time for a younger puppy out of reach. As well as potentially traveling into airports I could normally not ship into, due to either not getting any connections that would work out within a reasonable time frame [overall travel time for the pup] or locations that do not accept pets via cargo in general  or that require a costly upgrade to Delta Dash [normally bringing the total  into the $425+ range]. Trips that require multiple connections and plane changes may be slightly more than the quoted $250 but will still be less or at the same price than what I normally charge for shipping. Wendy will make that determination as needed, once she has a target to shop for.

The Flip Side...

You need to be more flexible with travel arrangements. As the puppy nanny will travel on stand by - during certain high volume travel periods, we may experience connection delays or need to postpone the trip until holiday travel or weather related issues are cleared. Most pups will travel mid week and as early in the day as possible due to getting easier connections that way. Final arrival times still depend on flight availability for Wendy and cannot always be predicted in advance . Hence you need to have a flexible schedule on travel days and be able to drop everything to go and pick up when she arrives, as she will need to make her connection flight back home again...

If there is no wiggle room in your day/week/schedule and you need to have everything set in stone, consider going the traditional route with shipping the pup in cargo, as I will book the pup well in advance and we know expected arrival dates and times [subject to Acts of God, bad weather and engine troubles, LOL]

Get her Awesome Introductory Price of $250

This includes a $25 delivery charge to the Savannah airport, where Wendy picks up and travels out of. You pay her $225 portion directly to her via Paypal and I will add the $25 delivery charge to your final balance for the pup.

What is not required or included in the pricing...

$50 Veterinarian Health Certificate

$45-55 for crate and bedding

If you would like a health certs [which is included in the regular shipping price via Delta with the pup traveling in cargo] you can request this and I will get it done and charge you for it.

You bring your own crate for pick-up which allows you to purchase one to your liking [or use one you already have].