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I often get a lot of WOW'ses and YIKES and general double takes when we discuss shipping prices if the potential puppy buyer is not familiar with these expenses. Let me assure you - I do not make money when I ship a pup, I actually loose money and time [about 5-6 hrs on the road including processing time at the vet and airport] when I do.

As off right now - that is October 2016 - these prices are current and I have recently shipped at these prices.

I charge $365-375 for most toy and mini pups that are 9-12 weeks old. Actual prices sometimes vary due to your location, but I usually eat the difference if it is more. Larger/older puppies, teenagers and adults are generally $100-120 more, if they require a larger crate, which also equals a higher shipping ticket due to weight and space used in the airplane. Ask to be certain!

Pricing listed below is for a puppy! Some northern locations only allow pets to come in on Delta Dash - usually far out locations [many Canada border states] or super busy airports [mostly in the N.E. and some in California, but there may be other locations as well. DeltaDash is a premium shipping procedure for which they tag on about $70-90 to the base shipping prices. When you inquire about a pup and need shipping, please include your closest airport location, so I can get a correct price check for you, before money exchanges hands.

Flight Ticket $240-265

Veterinarian Health Certificate $50

 Crate $35-40

Bedding $10

Gas $25


Total app. $ 360-390

I hate to say this - but if the airlines jack up their prices some more, or if the crate prices go up or my vet starts charging more - I will have to adjust the shipping prices, as right now I am eating $20-30+ on each pup that gets shipped plus spend anywhere from 5-6 hours on the road - vet trip, airport delivery, waiting times on both locations.


I purchase shipping crates locally as inexpensively as I can find them, in order to keep shipping costs down. Instead of expensive bedding, I use a new plain towel or fleece blanket for the same reason [most younger puppies will have an accident on the trip, that may ruin nice bedding]. If you would like upgraded crates or bedding, you are welcome to either send your own to me or order something online and have it shipped to me. Please note that your ticket expenses will go up, if you choose a larger size crate than actually necessary. If you opt to send your own crate and bedding, I cannot book the flight and give you a correct price quote, until I receive the crate and can weigh it and take the measurements, so do so well in advance of planned shipping!!!

Normally during the hot summer months, we ship with the first flight out of Savannah/ Hiltonhead International - that means the pup needs to be at the airport at 5 am sharp when Cargo opens [actually they in-officially open at 4:30 as they like a minimum of 2 hrs drop off for the first flight out which leaves at 6 am.

For me - as I need about 2 hrs to drive there - that means my shipping day starts at 2:30-2:45 AM!!!

As it is rather early in the day after I drop off the pup, I usually text your cell phone to let you know that it has been dropped off as scheduled, or to update you on any potential flight or weather delays. Be sure to check with Delta before you leave for the pick-up, to make sure the plane is still on time and there haven't been any delays for whatever reason. Also confirm with your airway bill number that your puppy is actually present and loaded on the flight, especially if you have a long drive in to get there to pick up. On occasions a pup catches an earlier connection flight in Atlanta [if there was a cancellation or unexpected opening], so every once in a while a puppy arrives a bit sooner than planned for - another good reason to check in with Delta!

Call Delta @  1-800-352-2746 for confirmation and updates. Or check them out at https://www.deltacargo.com/

I am usually back home again around 8ish and then my normal day with the dogs starts [although I like to squeeze a cat nap in the afternoon, if I can].

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