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I ship from Savannah/Hiltonhead International Airport {SAV}, that is app. 1.5-2 hrs oneway driving for me, subject to time of day and traffic. 

I am stuck with using Delta Airlines [probably the most expensive puppy shipping airline there is], and while I have the occasional grievance with them usually due to faulty price quotes [there is nothing like booking a flight for $xxx to find out they tacked on some extra fees that the rep did not mention when I booked the flight and that have to come out of my own pocket after I gave the buyer a low shipping price quote], but overall speaking I have no real complaints.

In 14+ years of shipping our puppies we never lost a pup due to accident, mishaps or carelessness and off the top of my head - I only remember twice in all these years [and somewhere around 550+ pups safely delivered] - that a pup ended up on the wrong plane going somewhere it wasn't supposed to. Those too were properly taken care off, promptly rerouted as soon as was noticed that they ended up in the wrong location, and while they were considerably late - in good spirits and good condition when they finally arrived. Occasionally a pup arrives late due to weather or engine problems, but again - the numbers are minimal when compared to all the furkids that get there on time as scheduled.

Shipping a pup is a safe way of a relatively quick transport across the country, and short of you flying in yourself to pick up a pup from us, is the low stress and safer way to go for long distance trips, and in most cases actually cost less when you figure in hours on the road, lost earnings, gas expenses, possible meals and hotel stays for extra long trips, baby sitter or nerves running ragged after 2-3 days in the car with the kids, potential accidents, wear and tear on your car, nerves and relationships, LOL.

Updated Fall of 2016: Delta had another price hike this summer, to the point where I can no longer quote you $350 and be done with it, as they apparently now charge by distance or mileage and/or by the actual airport you are flying in. Shipping crate prices have gone up as well.

Most pups under/up to 3 months of age can be shipped for $365-375. Pe sure to include your airport location when you inquire about a puppy, and I will call and get a correct price quote, add the health certs and crate/towel costs to it, and get back with you with a correct price.

You would think with the lowest gas prices in years, that the airlines would consider adjusting the shipping fees - and they did! Upwards rather than down :o( !!! If anything else goes up, I will have to adjust the cost of shipping a second time, as much as I hate to, as that would bring the cost to close to $400. At this time [Oct. 2016] I am eating about $35 on each pup shipped for the gas fees as it is, - there is simply no wiggle room in the shipping cost estimates. I do not make money on this!

Another thing I noticed is that more airports in northern locations are now only accept pets via Delta Dash - a premium service that adds another $70-90 subject to location to the normal shipping expenses, it is getting downright ridiculous!

Please visit here for a detailed break down on shipping expenses.

Most Poodle and DwarfDoodle puppies can be safely shipped around 10 weeks of age. 

I will not send a puppy until I feel it is properly weaned, has the size, stamina + energy level to deal with the shipping excitement and the associated stress of going to a new home. 

Some smaller pups may be 11-12 weeks old, before I deem them ready to go. 

If you have a deadline [like a birthday or holiday] when the pups needs to be there, be sure to mention this when we talk. In most cases I can give you a fair idea when a puppy is ready to go after it is weaned.

Shipping fees and final puppy payments must be received by the time the pup is 8 weeks old, or no later than  5-7 business days before the planned shipping day, if you are purchasing a pup that is ready to go.

This gives me enough time for scheduling the final vet appointment for a last "once over" and picking up the health certificate required by the airlines. I will not book any flights or final vet appt. until the pup + shipping is paid in full.

The health certificate is only good for 10 days, and an unexpected delay in shipping due to a late final payment, bad weather or other unexpected delays, may leave us with an unusable health certificate = which means another trip to the vet and somebody [that is most likely going to be you unless the delay originates from my side] "gots to cough up" another $50.

With a pup that is ready to go, once final payment has been received, I will book both the vet appointment and the actual flight asap.

With younger pups that need more time, I will book the appointments once we are closer to the shipping dates.

I mostly ship on Saturdays, as this works best with my work schedule - and allows me to often combine 2 or more puppies going to the airport on the same day [there is nothing like getting up at 2:30 in the morning 2 or 3 days a week to ruin said week - getting older is for the birds, LOL]. If needs be or if you work on weekends, I can make arrangements for shipping during the week as well, but please try to be flexible and work with me on that.

I will send you the flight info via email well before we ship, including the airway bill number or a reservation number, so you can follow the pups flight online once I drop it off at the airport. I will also call or text you as I am leaving the airport [I usually text if it is before 8 am at your end, and call if the pup leaves on a later flight]. I'll do that about 2 hrs before the pup actually leaves Savannah to confirm drop off or update you on any expected flight delays due to weather or engine issues [doesn't happen often though]. 

There is a 2 hr mandatory early drop off for interstate shipping, international flights are 4 hr drop off. Be sure to read After Shipping Care Support for your puppy, to be prepared when you drive to the airport for pick-up...