PoodlePleasure ~ Mini Poodles

Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

Puppy Food

What We Feed: 

A combination of raw feeding and a high end, grain free Small Breed Puppy Food: Taste of the Wild
Available at various pet stores, Tractor Supply + some Feed Stores, also online @ Amazon.com

Your pup is used to eating raw meet and bones for superior development: [hamburger, pork, chicken, turkey, deer with bones in] .
Bottled or filtered water for tiny or very young puppies; whatever you are drinking [bottled, filtered or good tap or well water for for human consumption] for toy  and miniature sizes. Err on the cautious side, as bad water changes can cause belly aches, diarrhea, and can cause along with the stress of going home Giardia and Coccidia.

High Calorie Supplement

NutriCal or NutriStat: A Must Have!! for very young furbabies, Toy and small Mini Poodle Pups and for any size pups moving into a busy household with existing pets or children, to prevent or head off hypoglycemic episodes.

If you are not familiar with hypoglycemia in puppies and how to prevent it, please visit my Teacup & Tiny Puppy Care Website for more

 Food + Water Dishes or Water Bottle

Food + Water bowl or water bottle [most of our pups know how to use a water bottle]. Use ceramic or stainless steel bowls, not plastic. In many cases plastic bowls can harbor bacteria as they are more difficult to clean, and often times pups will use them as alternative chew toys as well. I've also seen multiple reports that link plastic bowls with tear stains and facial hair stains, especially important if you have a light colored poodle or a poodle hybrid with a mustache!
                       Harness, Collar + Leash
I recommend a harness + leash for tinies and toy breeds or young puppies, especially if you have children walking your pup! When you buy a harness - buy the smallest size adjustable harness - you'll want one that adjusts both around the neck as well as around the belly - for her to grow into. Larger/older pups can wear a collar, but personally - I prefer harnesses for the first year or so.
There are so many different styles and colors to chose from - I've just picked a few of my favorite styles here for you to flirt with...
             Treats, Stuffed Toys + Chew Toys
Treats: I am not one to recommend a lot of treats for young puppies. Many are not safe, throw them off regular eating and messing up established eating habits. And in many cases - can cause diarrhea, constipation, or overfed, picky eaters.
If you are training with a reward system and want to use treats, pls use them sparingly - especially with younger pups under 3 months of age, and only as a reward for things well done.
Chew Toys: rawhide bones or chips [plain - not flavored until pup is older], get the size a tad bigger than you think is cute for your pup [don't get the wee tiny ones unless you own a t-cup], rope bone, stuffed toy w. squeaker, kong or similiar teething/chewing toy. Include at least one or two stuffed toys for sleeping and snuggling as well as rough housing when the pup is by itself.
                                 Dog Clothing
If you're buying puppy clothing - go for XXS or XS for poodle pups maturing under 10#, if you want for them to wear them now.
BTW - if you plan for your dog to wear clothing and hair bows - you need to get started now - don't wait until they are 6+ months old, as it will be much harder to convince them not to take them off or to eat them. Don't buy any extremely fancy, custom made or expensive puppy clothing at the beginning - they will nibble and chew on it, and also outgrow them fairly quickly. If you want your poodle in a long coat [fancy clips or show clips], do not make it wear clothing all or most of the time as it will damage the hair and cause breakage!
Please note: a lot of the fancy items are not suitable for chewing puppies - if jewelry and applications easily come off or are only glued on - wait until the pup is older and has learned to leave its "decorations" alone.



Available Puppies

Puppy Prep - Getting Ready for your new Puppy!


Containment Systems - Living Arrangements - Safe Keeping

Playpen; Play Yard; Exercise Pen; Crates; Gates.

Puppy Neatness - Bathing & Grooming

Recommended Shampoos & Conditioners; Brush Types; Comb; Nail Trimmers; Scissors.

Companion Puppy in Public

Soft Sided Carriers; Back Packs; Car Seats; Strollers; Ooops Baggies.