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What is a SmartPhone ID Tag for Pets?

I am sure you have seen QR Codes before - sometimes on websites, or on printed material to give you an easy access point with your smartphone so you don't have to remember or type a long web address, on flyers, and even on groceries, and items that are tagged for sales in stores. In many cases they have started replacing traditional bar codes for merchandise.

On Pet [and other] ID tags they are engraved on a aluminum or stainless steel tag - so even if the color fades or gets scratched, they can still be read with a smartphone. Newer smartphone generally have a reader app custom installed, with older models you can simply download free readers in your app store. 

Take Your Time - Shop - Research - Compare - It's Important!

They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Some you attach to the D-ring on your dog's collar like your rabies tag or a traditional name tag, others you thread into the collar, like the one shown here [this type is ideal if you change dog collars a lot - they switch relatively easy, without tools or ruining your nails in the process, LOL]. 

There is a bunch of manufacturers that make smart ID tags and as far as that goes - the quality of the actual tag is pretty much the same. I would choose an engraved aluminum or stainless steel tag over a papertag that is enclosed with a protective plastic or resin casing, as those tends to become unreadable when scratched up and sometimes they are not water tight. 

The trick lies in the hosting company - and this is where your research comes in handy. Don't just buy the first ID tag you come across in a pet store or supermarket pet aisle, or somewhere online - do your research first! 

While they are relatively inexpensive to begin with, if the service or accessibility is not right, it's a waste of money - and worse - may not work should you need it when your furbaby goes missing! Read some feedback and testimonials!!! There is a big range in the actual tag pricing. Some hosting companies charge a one-time fee to activate the tag, while with others the activation fees are included with the tag purchase. Others have a small annual renewal fee, and those may well be the best choices out there, as that means they maintain + update the website and hostframe on a regular basis. That way you can be certain that they are still up and running and not have closed down or gone out of business, without you being aware of it. Go with a company that has been in business for several years and that has good feedback and testimonials. While I am all for buying on Ebay or private websites - 

I think for shopping this type of tag, Amazon is the best way to go, because there will be a lot of genuine feedback from a lot of individual people! 

Affordable. Convenience. Easy Set-Up + Operation.
Peace of Mind!

When your dog or cat gets out, escapes the yard or manages to get out of your car while you are not paying attention, you are not depending on the person who finds your pet, to locate a vet or drop it off at the shelter for a microchip scan [and do you really want it to go to a shelter???]. Anybody with a smartphone [are there any peeps left who do not have one these days? Or know someone who has one?] can contact you in less than 1-2 minutes after scanning the tag. Even if they don't have a reader app installed - they are free to download and use - so make that 5 minutes. Your dog may not even have managed to make it past your neighborhood or subdivision, before someone could contact you to let you know s/he has been found.

Another reason why I like this type of tag, other than it's extreme affordability - is that the reduced time involved for the "helper or finder" - makes it more likely that they will actually contact you [it's basically spoon fed to them], the convenience factor means they don't have to go through the trouble to find a shelter or vet that is open or transport your [perhaps by then dirty, possibly injured, miserable and upset] pet in their car - and most of all - they don't have enough time to fall in love with him/her because again - your contact info is available at the touch of a button on something they have more likely already in their hands. No keeping it over the weekend while the vet or shelter is closed. No listening to kids whining "oooh can we keep it???" No need for printing + hanging up "Found" fliers, place newspaper ads, or even social media updates. Click - "Hello I've got your dog - where are you? I am at such and such location. How long does it take you to get here?" Done! 

Smartphone ID Tags make it easy for someone to be a good person, to do the right thing and to help you and your pet! They do work, and they work well if you choose the right ones. You'll want this in your life!

When someone scans your pet's tag, their smartphone automatically opens the host page with your contact info and phone#s. Some of them are set up to automatically dial your phone#. The nice thing is - you can update that information on the go, change phone#s or addresses when you've moved or are traveling, or the moment you notice that your dog managed to get out of the backyard or the cat squeezed out of the open window with the hole in the screen! 


Important Facts 2 Know: 

Some of the decriptions  and verbiage is easily misunder-stood to imply that the tag has GPS capabilities. 

They do not! 

What they do is provide you with a location of the phone or tablet that scanned the tag; this only happens when that phone is location/GPS enabled. Some of these locations may be not very precise due to local cell coverage. Some tags only work with certain cell providers.

Read the small print folks!

If you want real time life tracking capabilities, where you can hop into your car and follow the signal, be prepared to pay a bit more for superior results. 

Click here for Better Protection!


Who does this Type of ID Tag work best for?

Pets that are mostly goody2shoes and that given a chance - pretty much stay put. Pets that are with you most of the time, when you're going places and that are always under supervision or in a safe environment when you're not home, and that are not given to straying or wandering off, even if the backdoor isn't closed all the way...


This tag is extra insurance for the unexpected and for unusual occurrances: such as traveling,  going to the vet, the groomer or doggy daycare, being boarded while you're away or ill. For unexpected escapees during thunderstorms, fireworks, family emergencies, or when you have a lot of in/out traffic with kids and teens or repairs/workers underfoot. 

Real Time Tracking For "Trouble on 4 Paws" and Professional Escape Artist...

Step it up for trouble on 4 paws - your professional escape artists, hole diggers, fence climbers. Adult dogs that are new to your home and may be inclined to take off during the first couple of days or weeks with you. Also recommended if you are regularly traveling with your pet [Pet Shows, Competitions, or for fun RVing, camping, hiking, etc] or are on vacation somewhere away from home and the dog goes to a dog sitter or has a dog walker while you're gone [also recommended if you use a dog walker on a regular basis while you're home]. 

Also extremely useful if you are living in a rural area and your dog has the run of your acreage or you are not properly fenced in and/or use electronic fencing. This is ideal for older dogs that are showing first signs of canine senility and tend to get confused or forget where they are or how to find the house in their yard [yes that happens to them too :o( ].  I would also use this type of genuine GPS tracker tag on dogs of very popular breeds in the city or in areas, where dog theft is common and has become a serious problem. And last but not least - if your home has a revolving door with kids and teens constantly coming and going, where it is possible that the dog gets accidentally let out or forgotten in the backyard. 

Click here to learn about Real Time Location Tracker GPS Tags for pets.