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Spay/Neuter Contract - What does that mean???

I place the majority of my traditionally colored puppies in their new homes without restrictions in regards to spaying or neutering, as I tend to think that most of you folks buying my babies are responsible enough pet owners, so I don't have to preach at you to take proper care of your dogs :o).

That said - now that the economy is picking up again, new [and some old] breeders with "sneaky" ethics are popping up all over the place again, and I find some of my colored merle or white merle  puppies ending up in breeding homes/establishments without me being aware of. Not sure if they are being bought by a "conniving front man" or if the buyers have been lying to me.

Merle is the new hot color in poodles and poodle hybrids - and they are developing a great following for folks that like a pup in non-traditional colors.

So from here on forward - some of my merle puppies will be available for breeding at one price - that is without restrictions and the registration papers go home with the pup at time of purchase. I will also consider making some merle poodle and poodle hybrid puppies available at pet prices - with a Spay/Neuter Contract. That still means the pup gets the same meticulous care and upbringing as all of the full price puppies, but registration papers for reduced price pet quality merle puppies are not given at the time the puppy goes home.

You may request the registration papers for your puppy free at charge with the following proof:

* A copy of your vet bill showing the pup [identified by name, color + breed] had a spay or neuter procedure done.
* Also take photos of the surgery incision on the day the pup has had the procedure and send me both.

An email attachment is fine if you have a scanner, or you can send it in the mail. Take the photos on the day of the procedure, as they are re
ally minor surgeries, especially for boys, and most will heal up within 2-3 days where nothing can be seen afterwards, once the fur comes back in. Boys should get neutered no later than 6-7 months of age, girls should be spayed between 8-10 months, preferably before they cycle and provide you with an ooops litter.

If you have a change of mind and decide you want to breed a litter or two - you may purchase your registration papers at any time during the first 12-15 months of your dogs life - after that I routinely trash and destroy unused puppy registrations. Some merle puppies may simply be pet quality and not breeding quality - and for those I may refuse, as my name is always attached to the offspring you produce as well. For others the price difference of what I would sell a breeding quality pup vs. the price you purchased yours for, is due if you want the papers [usually $200-500 depending on color and breed].

If in doubt - contact me to discuss.