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Traditional & Merle Miniature Poodle Puppies for Sale in GA & Poodle Hybrid Puppies Available Occasionally.

When you bring your new furchild home it is all fun and happiness for the first few days and weeks. I even make potty training easy for you by starting most of our furkids with litterbox training [it don't get any easier than that!]. But poodles [and poodle mixes too] are smart and charming and fun and hilarious, and before you know it - they run your household and take over.

Now for some of you [talking to my puppy buyers] it's not an issue, because you have had plenty of dogs over the years, and/or you understand dog pack mentality. Others are new to dogs, or it has been a while since you had a wily, fast and willful puppy - or you are a softy and a pushover [you know who you are, LOL] and your pup is dancing circles around you, and ignoring you or laughing at you rather than doing what you ask from it!

Here's for you! While I love getting the help calls and be happy to walk you through basic training - not being there with you, seeing you and your pup interact, and not being able to show you by example - it is sometimes hard to get the proper techniques across via phone or email.

 Dan has an awesome dog and puppy training website with over 250 video clips and more being added all the time. He is cool, calm and collected and teaches in a calm way that compliments the sensitive and sensible poodle personality.

He will help you understand pack mentality and how to become the pack leader or alpha dog in your house. You too can be the leader, the big boss, the headhoncho, the momma with a capital "M". - s/he who shall be obeyed, no matter what. [Hey and the same principles work with your kids too!]

Have you ever watched some of these amazing videos on tv or youtube, where owners just look at their dogs and point or snap a finger or raise an eyebrow and the dog complies or automatically knows what is wanted of it??? This will be you when you take advantage of Dan's Training Methods. Poodles make it easier than most other breeds to achieve this too - because they are so darn smart and want to please you! It's easy to teach a poodle once you have it's respect - but you need to be its pack leader first.

Getting out of your comfort zone now, while you are waiting for your baby to get old enough to come home, is key for a smooth and effortless upbringing with none of the stress and trouble so many dog owners experience, once their cute pups turn into independent teenagers or hormonal adults.

I am always amazed that some of my puppy owners don't blink an eye when dropping a couple of hundred dollars for crates, playpens, bedding, food dishes and accessories - but hesitate to invest the equivalent of a nice lunch or cheapy dinner for two - to get mentally prepared to take charge. Most will wait until the dollar value of damages [kids toys, books, clothing, car upholstery, shoes, purses, furniture legs, vet bills etc] will exceed the purchase price of the pup, before giving the training bit some serious thought. Do yourself, your family and home - and most importantly - your new puppy - a favor and have a look today!

Intrigued? Curious??? Click here to go to Dan's Website!

Be sure to check out Dan's puppy Moses growing up - a shelter rescue that he got at 8 weeks and raises and trains to become an integrated part of his family. There are so many videos dealing with Moses growing up - giving you perfect guidelines on how to bring up your own pup too!

  • Videos for introducing your new pup to your older dogs and the people in your family and life
  • Videos for house breaking
  • Videos for crate training
  • Videos for teaching how to walk on the leash
  • Videos for "total recall" - yes it is possible! Even for older dogs!
  • Videos for food dominance issues, as well as food fights between your older dog or cat and the puppy.
  • Videos for socialization with people, other dogs, other pets, and getting along with everybody!
  • Videos to help with your other dogs misbehaviors - you don't want for your new pup to pick up bad habits and then having both dogs doing the NONOs!

Over 250+ videos to help you train your dogs - get  your 3 day trial for $1. After that $37/month - for how ever long you need it. Cancel anytime when you feel your training goals are achieved or when you "got it".