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Visiting Babies that are Nursing on Momma...

Please note - for health and safety reasons I do not accept visitors for puppies that are too young or have not yet had their first shot.

I also will not show puppies that have been reserved by someone else.

This is difficult to understand for many of the folks that are wanting to see the puppy first prior to committing to a purchase, and I totally get that and have no problem with it.

On the other hand, I need you to understand my point of view as well. Young babies that are still nursing on moms, are not protected [other than by maternal antibodies] from exposure to parvo, distemper and other communicable puppy diseases. If you by accident introduce such into my nursery, I stand to loose not just one or two puppies, but more likely the entire litter and possibly even all of my babies - causing me extreme financial loss, gigantic vet expenses and enormous heartache, devastating loss of reputation and this also causes emotional pain to my other committed puppy buyers, that trust me to keep their reserved puppies healthy and safe from exposure.

And no matter how be-boppy and uncomplicated poodles are as a breed, some moms can be very protective of their babies while they are young. Having your scent on the puppies, may cause refusal to nurse that specific or all of her pups, and will certainly cause them to very thoroughly investigate and wash all of their babies to remove your scent.

Where would that leave us if she refuses to nurse not only your puppy but the others as well??? With hand-fed bottle babies [will you reimburse me for the added expense of milk replacer, special foods, and the countless extra hours I will need to put in]? Dead babies? Babies that are not the best they could be if they had continued to remain with their mother? Milk replacer is just that - never as good as real mothers milk!

Strangers in the baby nursery cause an uproar, get all moms excited whether you are there to see them specifically or not, and often causes babies to get stepped on, bounced around all over the place, sometimes trampled. Moms with young puppies need quiet, privacy and a relaxed atmosphere. My nursery is off limits to visitors.

Once the puppies are old enough to move into my puppy room and have had their first shot, the moms are usually much more relaxed about visitors, and while it still gets loud and rowdy sometimes - it's all good. Everybody will be happy and excited to see you ;o).


So to sum up - if you are looking at a very young puppy that is not yet weaned and you want to come and visit with the pup - you will need to wait until that pup is at least 6-7 weeks of age.

Around certain times of the year [winter and spring], that means that you might be waiting for a while, because many, if not most, of my pups are usually reserved by the time they are weaning or ready to go home. I'm sorry for the inconvenience - but it is what is is.

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