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Poodle Awesomeness!

Puppies with Natural Tails...

Lately we have been getting a lot of casual inquiries for poodle puppies with undocked tails. 

If you would like the tail natural and undocked on one of our puppies, please be sure to contact me well ahead of the birthing schedules, as we usually dock between 3-5 days.

I would recommend for you to be on the Paid Waiting List with a deposit put in place, or I may not remember otherwise. By the time I usually send out email updates on new babies, the pups are several days old and the tails will have been already docked.

You need to  make your reservation/ selection no later than 24-48 hours of receiving notification of the birth of new puppies - if you have been notified of a new litter and I do not hear back from you, we will dock the tails!

Place your Deposit Payment Here!!!

$300 Deposit 

For Traditionally Colored Puppies

$500 Deposit 

For Traditionally Colored Puppies

Waiting List with Deposits

This list is different from the no strings attached email update list and requires a dedicated commitment with a non-refundable deposit. This guarantees absolute first choice of any newborn puppies in your desired colors, before they will be made available to anybody else on the email lists or advertised on the website or Facebook.

When a pup in your desired color gets born - you will be the first person to know - subject to your position on this list if we have multiple reservations for this sex/color combination.

I can accept deposits for all of our colors - both traditional as well as merles to make sure you get first choice in the color/sex/size combination you are looking for. The only colors I will not accept reservations for are apricot/red, as this is not a color we get at all, or for blue eyed merles as this happens or not - and is very unpredictable.

Your name will only go onto this list with the above mentioned deposit or an agreed upon payment plan, which can be applied towards any of our puppies.

In the case of having multiple buyers looking for the same color/sex puppy, you will choose in the order the deposits are received. First come, first served and you will always have first choice over a buyer who is not on this list.

I will send you a personal update with first pics when puppies in your preferred color/sex combination are born. I need to know asap if you are ready for a pup now, but won't ask you to make a choice if I have multiple puppies in this color to choose from just yet, we can wait with this until the pup is actually 5-6 weeks old. If there is only one pup in this color - I need to know now if you want it or prefer to wait for a later one, especially if there are additional reservations for this color on the books. 

If the pup is not the right color or not marked as you would like for it to be, and you want to wait for another pup, you will keep your spot at the position on the list.

The Deposit for traditional colors is $300, for merles is $500 due to their higher purchase price. The remainder of the purchase price is due when your baby is getting picked up [usually around 8-10 weeks of age], or in case of shipping  - by the time it is 8 weeks old.

Deposits are non-refundable but are defer-able to another pup, if the time is not right for you when I have your color/sex combination available. Be sure that you are certain that you want one of our puppies when you make your reservation. Waiting times can be as long as 4-6 months if you are looking for a specific color/sex combination. If there are a bunch of people in front of you for your preferred color, it can be as much as 9-12 months!!!  Do take a minute or two to read more about placing a deposit here. Please let me know asap if the timing is off for you, so I can offer it to other homes. You will hold your position on the paid waiting list for the next pup to come along. You may also apply your deposit to any other available puppy on my website - we all want one thing at times, and then fall in love with something else :o). Perfectly fine to do!

Please Note: I do not accept deposits for blue eyed puppies - this is very unpredictable to get and some years I have pups with partial or one full blue eye every time I turn around and others I can count the babies on one hand that come up with significant baby-blues... Double blue eyed pups are seriously hard to come by, and in 10+ yrs of raising merle poodles I can still count them on one hand. Feel free to let me know that that is what you are looking for, and I will stick a memo in one of my files for that and let you know when we have a pup that matches your description available.

Read this before you Reserve Future Companion

You must be approved for one of my babies - so don't just send some money!!! Before you place your reservation, be sure to take a moment to introduce yourself and tell me what you are looking for, ask questions - I am sure I will have some for you as well. Use the Puppy Inquiry Form  to get the ball rolling...

I can generally give you a basic idea of when we next plan to or if we actually have a litter on the way, that may produce the colors you are looking for.

If you'd like to get started on a Payment Plan, mention this in your inquiry.

Too much Commitment for you? Want to keep your options open?
Click Here to Get Free Email Updates Instead - No Strings Attached :o)

Are you Ready to own a pup from my KneeHugger Line? Fill out this Form to get Started

I need you to fill in all the fields on this form below - else it won't process - this form is different from the puppy inquiry form. If you try and it won't go through - you missed something! This gives me your full contact info and puts a time/date stamp on your reservation. With this I have all your info on hand to contact you, and won't spin my wheels trying to remember your email address, or who gets to pick first!

Once your personal info has been given and send, choose the correct amount for your deposit and it will take you to Paypal to process the payment. You do not need to have or open a Paypal account in order to place a reservation, but you do need a debit or credit card to do this.

Deposits for traditional colors [black, silver, blue, white, cream, chocolate, cafe] are $300. Deposits for merle colors [silver/blue or choco/cafe merles] are $500 due to the higher purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable - so don't do this if you are not serious, fickle or bound to change your mind, or impatient to wait for your puppy to be born.

Please read more about Deposits here if you are not familiar with the concept!

If you are looking to reserve two individual puppies, please fill out the form for the first pup and repeat for the second one, so I have this correct on my books.

Puppy Reservation Form - Deposit Required!

Thank you for reserving your future family member from us. I will confirm your deposit as soon as I can verify it, update the list with your name, and prep the deposit contract. I will email that to you - so keep an eye out in your inbox. Thanks, Sabine
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