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Are you looking for a white or cream Poodle Puppy?

I currently  have 3 white poodle boys in a variety of sizes available. They are currently 3 weeks old, and will be ready to go home around the first week in September [the smaller guys may need to stay a week or two longer than that! Nobody goes home until they are ready - fully weaned, eating dry puppy food reliably and maintaining weights on their own]. Tails are docked and dewclaws removed. Pups will have age appropriate dewormings + vaccinations when they go home.

* The two smaller boys are from the same litter and are partially bottle fed and will especially associate "the hand" with cuddles and food and other nice things. Bottle fed babies tend to make super affectionate, people oriented and extra loving dogs and I prefer to place them in loving pet homes, where they get spoiled and loved on. Please see first pics below and see individual descriptions.  

* All 3 pups [2 different litters] are merle mommed and may be white merles, they are therefore available at different price points depending on whether you are looking for a pet placement [sold with a neuter contract] or whether you are considering breeding.  All 3 will be CKC registered, papers for pups with neuter contracts go home once the pup has been neutered @ no later than at 6-8 months of age. If that is a problem for you, then inquire to purchase the breeding rights or find a pup that is not potentially a merle from a different breeder.

* There may be some blue in the eyes - it's too soon to tell and generally I can't say with certainty until the pups are almost of age to go home. Pricing for pups with one or two solid or mostly blue eye may be slightly more than what is quoted below - I generally don't charge extra for a little bit or 1 partially blue eye. If you choose to pass due to that, I will refund your generally non-refundable deposit, or you may choose a different pup if one is still available. 

I am now accepting deposits for all 3 pups, and as they are of different sizes with different pigmentation, they are easily kept apart. Deposit for any of these boys is $400 firm. Prices vary - see more info below.

If you currently have a reservation for a different colored puppy - you are welcome to transfer your deposit to one of these babies! Talk to me!!!

Available: Puppy #1 [Black Nose] 
Sold: Puppy #2 [Pink Nose]

  • @ 3 weeks of age - eyes are now open and the coat is opening up. They are going to be beautiful!
    @ 3 weeks of age - eyes are now open and the coat is opening up. They are going to be beautiful!
  • Smallest of the 3 boys
    Smallest of the 3 boys
  • Middle child - going to be a small to medium miniature
    Middle child - going to be a small to medium miniature
  • Babies @ 2 weeks of age - just getting ready to open their eyes!
    Babies @ 2 weeks of age - just getting ready to open their eyes!
  • These are the bottle babies!
    These are the bottle babies!
@ 3 weeks of age - eyes are now open and the coat is opening up. They are going to be beautiful!
@ 3 weeks of age - eyes are now open and the coat is opening up. They are going to be beautiful!

AVAILABLE! Puppy #1 with the black nose and pawpads is the littlest guy of the 3 that are currently available. He will be toy size, possibly borderline mini size and should mature under or around 10#. As you can see he is considerably smaller than his brother and less than half the size of pup #3, and due to his tiny size is not suitable for placement into a home with young or multiple children.  Asking Price is $900 firm for pet placement, please inquire if you are looking to breed.

SOLD! BELONGS TO PATTIE. Puppy #2 with the pink nose [this will turn to light to medium brown over the next week or two] - is the middle size pup and will be a small to medium sized miniature [roughly in the 10-13# range]. His eyes will be green or hazel when he goes home [unless they are blue LOL] - and should turn a beautiful golden or copper brown at maturity. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see older pups in this coloration in my previous puppy section. Asking price is $900 firm for pet placement with neuter contract. Inquire for pricing if you're looking to breed!

The mom of these babies is calm, quiet, mellow and relaxed. Dad is happy, beboppy and still a bit excitable, but I expect him to settle nicely once he matures a bit more. Both parents are very loving and affectionate!

7/30 new photos added to show the pups at 3 weeks of age. Eyes are now open, the coat is starting to grow and fluff and I reduced the bottle feedings to twice a day - mornings and nights. Mom does the rest, including clean-up duties :o)

Available: Pup #3 - Large to Oversized Miniature - Choco Nose

  • @ 4 weeks with first baby groom
    @ 4 weeks with first baby groom
  • @2 weeks
    @2 weeks
@ 4 weeks with first baby groom
@ 4 weeks with first baby groom

Pup #3 is from a different litter and is going to be a large to slightly oversized miniature, I expect him to mature in the 18-20+# range. His pawpads are already dark chocolate and the nose will catch up with that in the next week or two, which will make for a stunning contrast. His eyes will be either copper or choco brown [instead of dark brown which is normal for dogs with black pigmentation]. He is already growing a fantastic coat @ only 2 weeks - this one will be a big boy and a stunner for sure! 

Update: 8/9 Most recent photos were taken @ 4 weeks and show him with his first baby groom.

Super loving and outgoing parents - both are extremely affectionate, active and interactive. This pup most likely will be bouncy, playful and rambunctious - and not suitable for couch potatoes [consider one of the smaller guys instead]. Not saying that he will not love cuddling, playing and snuggling - but judging by mom, his energy level will be high, his front paws will rarely touch the ground [I swear she walks more on 2 feet than on 4!] and he will want to be included in everything you do! She's an awesome poodle and has the best personality! Always happy, never in a bad mood, and very intuitive and attentive. This pup is the perfect size for families with kids, or active folks that want a dog that loves going to walk, hike, run or jog with you! $1000 firm with pet placement.

See some of my White + Cream Poodles from My Previous Litters!

I do not specifically breed for white or cream poodle puppies - they are a "side product" of our parenting combos, which makes it difficult for me to predict when we will have the next puppies in those colors. Generally speaking -  there tends to pop one or two up in most litters, and lately [with our new boy] I've had litters where I had more pups in this color than the color I actually bred for, LOL. 

We produce both - puppies with black pigmentation and dark brown eyes, as well as poodle babies with chocolate noses and pawpads. The later often has green eyes as babies, that usually turn hazel, or a golden or coppery brown which makes for a beautiful and stunning contrast. Be sure to notice the difference in the coloration below in the photos.

Please enjoy this slide show [click on any photo to see the full size version of it], showing some of our white, champagne and cream colored poodle adults and puppies at various ages. These kids were bred and raised during the last 4-5 years and some are shown as adults here with me or in their fur-ever homes :o)

More puppies in these colors will be available for placement during this late fall and into early winter, and I am now accepting Inquiries & Reservations for upcoming puppies. 

Got problems keeping your light colored dogs looking good? Several of the professional groomers that have bought their poodles from me, recommend this shampoo!
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