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Basic Shopping List

Dog Food; High Calorie Supplements; Bowls; Feeders + Water Bottles; Toys; Harness + Leash; Clothing.

Containment Systems - Living Arrangements - Safe Keeping

Playpen; Play Yard; Exercise Pen; Crates; Gates.

Puppy Neatness - Bathing & Grooming

Recommended Shampoos & Conditioners; Brush Types; Combs; Nail Trimmers; Scissors.

Companion Puppy in Public

Soft Sided Carriers; Back Packs; Car Seats; Strollers; Ooops Baggies.

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White, Cream & Champagne Poodles

Left: true white puppy w. black pigmentation

White seems like an easy color to identify - but there are a variety of shades from ice white or snow white to off-white color shades to chose from, never mind soft golden glows [champagne] or eggshell or taupe shades [cream]. Confusing, huh? And you thought white was simple, LOL!

Champagne and cream puppies may often get lighter as they mature and may turn out to be whites, but are noticeable "not white" when they are pups. They can range from a cool eggshell white, to a soft buttery yellow tone to a darker taupe shade.

In reverse - the opposite can happen too - you are buying a white pup, and find it gets darker as it matures. I have seen puppies born white turning to soft apricot by maturity. If you must have a true white pup that remains so, ask for the color of the parents. Many white to white breedings with black pigmentation will hold their colors into adulthood.

 In most white puppies the nose + pads are black, although you can find white poodles with pink or chocolate noses and pads. Many younger white pups have champagne or cream shadings over the body, which most will grow out by the time they have their first full body clip.


About the photos on this page... All of the poodle puppies shown on this page are of our breeding. They are either no longer available, or are all the way grown and the moms, grandmas, sisters, cousins, aunties of our current puppies.


In most white puppies the nose + pads are black, although you can find white poodles with pink or chocolate noses and pads. 

If you are looking to show your poodle in conformation classes, you should purchase a pup with black pigmentation, as the chocolate pigmentation is not desireable in the show circuit, and you  may get penalized for it.

I - on the other hand - think they are gorgeous. Look at this handsome Guinnee son with his clean, tear stain free face and his beautiful clear hazel eyes. I think when you look at his facial expression - it so clearly reflects the personality. He is very open, trusting and a very mellow little fellow. He has the honest, open look that matches his personality, that I like to achieve in my breeding program.

Guinnee: white w. chocolate pigmentation
Champagne Poodle w. black pigmentation

Cream Shading, Ears or Markings

Most white or light colored poodle babies that are still nursing on their moms will have "brownish" discoloration around their mouth and rearend - usually nothing to worry about, as it is caused by milk acid and saliva [remember moms lick to clean their puppies while they are small]. Facial discolorations from nursing usually get shaved off during the first puppy facial groom.

Younger white pups may have champagne or cream shadings over the body, ears or legs which most will grow out by the time they have their first full body clip and the adult coat is coming in.

A white poodle that is not a true white poodle, often grows cream or light apricot guard hairs over the shoulder and spine area, and in case of injuries - the hair often does not grow back white but a cream or darker apricot shade.

Tear Stains...

...are the bane of many white and light colored poodles. In some cases it is genetics and you cannot do much about it without the help of a supplement, in other cases it is environmental and simple changes may make a huge difference in the appearance of your white poodle.

Read more about Tear Stains. 
Read thisTear Stain Supplement Preview

About Our White Poodles

As we have a lot of chocolate running in our bloodlines, we often get white, champagne and cream pups with choco noses.

If you like this look, visit the Available Puppy Pages to see what we currently have to choose from or email me and inquire about upcoming & planned puppies.

Photo: Another one of our white girls w. chocolate pigmentation, doing the "underfoot thingy" with the adoring eyes, LOL. She also had cream ears and light cream shading that she should outgrow as she matures. Unfortunately I lost contact with the new owner, if you happen to recognize this photo while browsing online, I would love an update on how this girl turned out.

Enjoy these Photos of some of our
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