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If you reserved your pup with a deposit and I have not yet gotten your full contact information, pls take a moment and send me your full name + mailing address and a daytime [cell phone preferred] phone number.

I need this to prepare contract + registration papers for the pup to go home with, and in case of shipping - to make flight arrangements and get the veterinarian health certificate properly filled out!

If we're shipping I also need to have the name of the airport we're sending to, so I have all the info needed to give to the vet for the Health Certificate as well as book the flight! Learn more about After Shipping Care & Support.

Just use the Contact Me tab on the right hand top side of the screen for sending me your contact information if you have not done so yet. Thanks!

Visit the following Pages & read both if you are driving to pick up:

Pick-Up Page

Driving to Meet Page

Bring a puppy crate, a box or large laundry basket to keep your puppy in, when you come to pick it up. A crate is best when you are driving by yourself, so you don't get distracted by a pup trying to climb out of the laundry basket.

Also bring some extra towels or blankets in case of accidents or a pup getting car sick [and a trash bag or old shopping bag, just in case you need to put icky stuff in it], a toy, and for longer trips, some bottled water. 

If you have a long trip home and need to stop for a potty break - please keep  in mind that young puppies are still susceptible to exposure to parvo, distemper and other debilitating or possibly deadly puppy diseases - so take precautions!

While they may have their first or even second set of shots, this is no guarantee that they cannot get parvo etc if they are exposed to it, as we do not know for sure when the maternal antibodies stop working and the pup makes it own antibodies after injection with the puppy shots [this is why we suggest a series of 3 sets of shots].

Don't stop at Welcome Centers off the Interstate, and don't stop at busy gas stations for potty breaks. This is where everybody who travels with dogs, goes for potty breaks and where the potential for exposure to communicable puppy diseases is the greatest.

Bring some pee pads or newspaper and a laundry basket for a younger puppy, so it can potty safely there without messing up your car. For an older pup, stop away from busy areas and find a quiet spot somewhere on a country road for a potty break.

There are a bunch of things you want to have ready and on hand for your new puppy, before it comes home with you.

Most importantly your puppy food and a safe containment system for the times when you are away from home, at work, busy or sleeping.

You'll also want to go through your home and puppy-proof the rooms and outside potty area.

There is so much good info online about this already - there is really no need for me to write much about it! Here are three of the best sites - click on some of the links here to read more and do your own google, yahoo or bing searches too:

Doctors Foster and Smith
Cesar Milan
Dog Training Central
A few more things that usually are not mentioned on the general puppy proofing info pages. Unfortunately some puppy toy manufacturers don't use common sense, and sometimes stuffed animals have easily chewed off eyes and nose buttons, that may cause problems if a pup chews them off and swallows them. Some plastic toys are not suitable for certain breeds or ages of pups, due to jaw strength and teething, and poor quality rubber toys may simply disintegrate when you have an avid chewer.

Some plastic or rubber pieces may just pass through the intestinal system, but others may cause blockage leading to a painful death if not caught in time, or may cause you mega bucks for surgical removal, leaving behind a pup that may always have intestinal problems all through its life.

Make sure there aren't any coins, buttons, cigarette butts, dropped hard candy, gum or chocolate treats accessible on the floor or fallen behind furniture, and pick up screws, nails and craft  + sewing items of the floors in your hobby rooms, garage and yard or potty areas as well.

When shopping for puppy toys, pick something strong, sturdy and nearly indestructible. Poodle Puppies tend to be hard on their toys!

Learn more about vaccinating your new puppy and puppy shots.

Be sure to take the health records I provide you with, to your vet, so s/he can see what I have done for your pup already, and does not give  unnecessary inoculations.

Don't forget about

Do you need help figuring out when your pup needs the next shot, is old enough for the rabies shot, should get started on heartworm prevention or is old enough for neutering or spaying? Read this  too!

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